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rain 12 °C

The day before the walk we had a briefing and received our duffel bag, sleeping bag, and sleeping mat. We are allowed to only take 10 kg in total and the stuff we received weighed 5 kg. Also met the other members of the group, 15 in total - 2 canadians, 1 yank, 1 british, rest aussies - ages ranging from 22 to 69. On the day of the walk we got a bus from Cusco to the 82 klm mark on the train track which is the start point for the walks and there we met our porters, cooks etc. All the luggage, food, cooking stuff, tents etc for the 5 days is divided up between the 20 porters and they only carry 25 kg each. We started just before lunch time and were told that the first part of the track was flat, wrong, flat to the peruvians is quite hilly with lots of big steps and we knew we were in for something over the next few days. Had lunch overlooking a ruin, and it started raining as well - just what we needed. The rest of the first day was walking, walking, and trying to walk slowly to get accustomed to the altitude but everyone was still getting pretty exhausted and had to have breaks. Arrived at camp to find everything set up and a 3 course meal awaiting us including banana flombe!. Everyone slept well that night.
The second day we were warned was going to be the hardest and they were right. The walk was basically uphill all day with lots of steps and gaining altitude and lots of heavy rain. I had lots of trouble with stomach bug, and lost all my energy, so this day was petty bad. Penny was fine except for shortness of breath. Jose our guide stayed down the back with us and was a great support - it was a b terrible day!!!. Finally got to the top of 'Dead womans' pass and then had another 1.5 hour walk downhill to our night camp. Downhill really means downhill, lots of steps, lots of steep paths and its still raining. Got to the camp again everything set up - our tent was amongst two creeks which surrounded us with lot of mud. After all that the days views were still pretty amazing. dibble straight to bed and Pen for tea for another 3 course meal. Everyone slept well again.
Day three was no where near as the day before, but peruvean flat with some steep climbs and down hill section through man made tunnels and narrow paths. Had hail through this section and we got quite wet walking to our lunch break. After lunch started off in rain again still walking through pretty amazing cloud forrest, and surrounded by snow cap peaks that you had to keep an eye out for as the clouds wee continually coming and going uncovering them. Also lots of waterfalls. Arrived at our night stop, the rain had stopped and all had dried out. The camp was on top of a mountain range with unbelievable views in all directions - we had a nice camp spot here with a great view over the other tents to the back of machupichu.
Woke up early and went to the top of our mountain to watch the sunrise and as it came up it shone on the snow capped mountain around us - it was something pretty special. Our morning cup of tea was delivered to us on the mountain top. Had a ceremony for the porters where we gave them thee tips, and whatever they get they sure deserve, as they leve camp after we do and then they run/jog past you wherever you are on the trail with a big smile on their faces. The walk this day was basically down hill with just a few small climbs and after we had lunch we countinued the walk to the 'sun gate' which overlooks machupichu and had sunshine the first for a few days, where Jose congratulated us all on making the treck. From the sun gate you look down on machupichu and to us it was more the setting, and what we had done rather than seeing machupichu although it was pretty special as well. we then walked down to machupichu where Jose gave us a small talk on the history of the area. After that we got the bus down the the town where we visited the hot springs and went into town for dinner in a restaurant - a good night was had by all. We still slept in a tent that night alongside a quite fast running river - again everyone slept well.
The next day we got the bus up the mountain to machupichu, and found out that our trip up there would be cut short. We have had most things on this trip and now a landslide had come down from near where we had started the treck and washed away the train line so no-one could get in or out. Anyway we enjoyed our visit to machupichu and it is pretty amazing what the Incas did get up to and where they did it and there are still lots of mysteries as to what actually happened to them.
Came down from the mountain as word had got around that trains were going to take people to the landslide, and then we would walk around the landslide and bus into Cusco. This turned into quite an event - the train station was bedlam with everyone trying to get on the train and our guide Jose was a great help here as we were able to get a great sport at the front of the que but there was still lots of pushing etc trying to get into the station. After we got in, our group was still together at the front of the train line. Waiting for the train was a carnival atmosphere with a group of schoolkids singing, people standing on the tracks talking, and siting on the edge of the station with free coffee being handed out. This was most probably made better as one of the canadian ladies had some brandy which laced the coffee. We got on the train to have seats as we were irst onto our carriage, and then they just pilled everyone in there was people everywhere and by this time it was all quite good fun. After the train trip we arrived at the next staging point to find total bedlam, with buses, cars, trucks etc, waiting to transport people to the next spot for buses along a single lane goat track. Jose had ordered a bus to take us to Cusco but it couldn{t get through to us so we ended up on the back of a small cattle truck with all of us standing up in the back, dust everywhere, and going along singing songs, it was quite a trip. We went through the top side of the landside and could see where they were working trying to fix the line. Finally got to Cusco around 2.00am - not much done the next day although we met up with 2 girls from Perth and the british girl for tea as everyone else had left cusco.
Puno next installment - we will be thee for a day or so and then off to Copacabana

Hoo roo

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Great to see that you are getting 'all' experiences you can, even those you have no control over! Did you prepare for the singing before you left home or are you both just naturals?

by jerhonda

Hi Penny & Dibble we were a bit worried about ladslides good to hear you are safe & having a great time I would love to have seen you on the back of the truck hope you have photos love Sharon & tiko

by thomo

Hi Pen and Dib, it sounds as though you are having a ball. I hope that everything you have seen and will see remains with you always I am sure it will. Enjoy the rest of your trip as you both deserve it. Can't wait for the next instalment, oh yeah I hope you had lost your voice for the singing Dib, as we Wither's can't sing. Take care love Karen..

by karen wilk

Lucky you guys made it out of there alive! There are some people still missing how scary!! Glad your safe and well, hope to catch you sooon!
Kristy & Adam

by Kristo

Hi J&P,
Sounds like you are having some great adventures. I am reading every week and am glad you are safe and well. Have emailed you on the yahoo address.


Fern & Co.

by Dybs

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